Grant Rackspace Technology Access to the Database

You can use one of the following options to grant Rackspace Technology secure access to your database, depending on where you host your database:

  • A bastion host: The preferred method for Rackspace-hosted servers or Rackspace-managed cloud servers.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM): A dedicated VPN option for remote environments.
  • A dedicated circuit: A third-party option available to large organizations with unique security requirements.

A Bastion Host

A bastion host is a proxy server that provides secure access to your network. It serves as a jump server to regulate access to the rest of the network. Your bastion hosts provide a safe way for the Rackspace Technology DBA team to access your environment. If Rackspace Technology already hosts your database, you can use bastion hosts to access your environment. If you do not host your database with Rackspace Technology, you can still choose to install a bastion host on your server to allow Rackspace DBAs to access your environment securely. If you decide to install a bastion host in your remote environment, you are responsible for all costs, management, and maintenance of this host.

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)

If you host your database remotely, Rackspace Technology can use the RMM-dedicated VPN to access your environment. To establish this connection, the Rackspace Technology team meets with the person in charge of managing your network to gather details about your environment, including:

  • IP addresses
  • VPN device make and model
  • VPN device version
  • DNS details

After we collect this information, Rackspace works with the network contact to develop a dedicated VPN.

Dedicated Circuits

If you require a dedicated circuit, you can work with an internet service provider to set one up. Rackspace Technology allows the dedicated circuit to connect to the server where your database is hosted but is not responsible for managing or maintaining this option.

Database Security

Rackspace Technology requires administrative access to your database to deploy the DBA solution properly. Rackspace Technology put the following procedures in place to ensure the highest level of security:

  • Only Rackspace Technology employees have access to your database.
  • We log all activity within your database.
  • All access to your database uses multifactor authentication.
  • Any employee with access to your database is on the team assigned to your account and is a subject matter expert in your database technology.