Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium FAQ

Get quick answers to common questions about Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium.

Which regions is Sitecore available in?

Sitecore on Azure PaaS services is available in the following Azure regions and their corresponding ObjectRocket regions for Sitecore XP customers who require the Experience Database.

  • Azure East US and Object Rocket Northern Virginia (IAD)
  • Azure North Central US and Object Rocket Chicago (ORD)
  • Azure South Central US and Object Rocket Dallas (DFW)
  • Azure West US and Object Rocket San Jose (SJC)
  • Azure North Eurpoe and Object Rocket London (LON)
  • Azure East Asia and Object Rocket Hong Kong (HKG)
  • Azure Australia East and Object Rocket Sydney (SYD)
How do I log in into my Sitecore content management site?

For instructions, see Sitecore Cloud Portals and Account Management.

How do I deploy to Sitecore using FTP?

See Deploy to Sitecore Cloud using FTP.

How do I publish content to Sitecore?

For instructions, see Publish content to Sitecore.

Can you upload an SSL certificate in Azure if you have a custom domain?

Yes. For instructions, see Upload an SSL certificate to a custom domain.

How do I install my Sitecore package to my Sitecore content management site?

For instructions, see Install a Sitecore package.

How do I manually clear my Sitecore cache?

For instructions, see Clear your Sitecore caches.

How do I connect to my Azure SQL database?

For instructions, see Connect to Azure SQL database.