Current Offerings

Rackspace knows that our customers have varying needs at different stages of their cloud journey. That’s why we provide a set of support offers that address your needs at any stage of your cloud lifecycle. Our services offer you access to certified cloud specialists through a flexible POD-based model. We have experts who can implement industry-best cloud monitoring technologies, suggest cost optimization recommendations, solve your IT challenges, and provide other value-added services, all backed by AWS-certified engineers and architects.

Our offers enable you to customize your experience and choose the service options to match your needs.

Rackspace Elastic Engineering

Rackspace Elastic Engineering is a managed support model that provides on-demand access to public cloud experts through ongoing sprints that continually remediate, innovate, evolve, and improve the customer environments. Rackspace Elastic Engineering has tiers of service that include a number of hours per month.

This flexible, collaborative approach to professional services enables customers to dynamically change scope and priorities based on business needs while collaborating side-by-side with highly skilled Rackspace Technology cloud experts to build, migrate, optimize, and maintain the customer cloud environments.

The following table provides a sample of the types of services provided with Rackspace Elastic Engineering. We coordinate tasks, scheduling, and priorities between Rackspace Technology and the customer.

Infrastructure buildsDeploy infrastructure or applications into the environment

Modify infrastructure to reduce cost, increase performance, and scale optimization
DevOps and automationManage, maintain, and enhance automation systems for operational effectiveness, stability, and security

Change existing automation systems or develop new automation systems
Cloud MaturityElastic Engineering developed framework for evaluating an organization’s progress on their cloud journey

Help identify opportunities to empower a customer on their cloud journey
Performance managementIdentify performance targets and continuously adjust infrastructure to deliver the desired performance at the optimal cost

Tune applications and provide detailed analysis of application-level performance problems
Database managementScale databases and provide performance management and maintenance services

Create database clusters, read slaves, and so on
Application operationsManage the configuration and patching of common, off-the-shelf applications

Provide custom upgrades and patches for off-the-shelf applications, develop configuration frameworks and methodologies for custom applications
Security managementUse architectural best practices to maintain environment security

Respond to security incidents identified by the Customer Security Team

Deploy customer-provided third-party security tools

Create reports or contribute to reports that a customer needs as part of an infrastructure audit for certification purposes
Disaster recovery planningRun disaster recovery solutions, extend existing solutions, and run customer-directed tests of disaster recovery systems
Planned maintenancePerform preventative maintenance so that infrastructure, database, and application operations are stable and secure

Perform optional maintenance and customer-directed changes, which can include applying security patches regularly
Cost optimizationImplement architectural changes to support cost management decisions
Advice and supportAnswer questions and make recommendations related to cloud usage and best practices

Modern Operations

Modern Operations by Rackspace Technology provides customers with 24x7 operational and sys admin support, across AWS, leveraging decades of cloud expertise. This managed offering is designed to meet customers in any cloud maturity model, providing a broad range of services support, for end-to-end lifecycle management of customers cloud environments. Regardless of a customer’s cloud maturity, Modern Operations allows the freedom to innovate and transform to achieve core business objectives, while ensuring adapting business needs are supported.

ModOps services

Modern Operations is a stand-alone service that provides 24/7/365 ticket- and phone-based support for operational and systems administration tasks in the cloud. Additionally, Modern Operations provides a glide path to modernization via our expertise based support model and compatibility with Rackspace Elastic Engineering.

Modern Operations Includes:

  • 24x7x365 access to cloud experts
  • 24x7x365 cloud infrastructure operations management
  • Phone and ticket-based support
  • Monitoring, response and incident management
  • Backup and patch management
  • Expertise catalog over restrictive sphere of management
  • Technical Account Manager (for qualifying customers)
  • Optional lead engineer add on
  • Architecture and infrastructure deployment


  • Business support or better AWS support plan highly encouraged for Modern Operations
  • Modern Operations ticket automation required for monitoring will not function correctly for resources that are deployed on the AWS Program Management account (also known as Payer). These resources will need to be moved to a member account in order for the monitoring portion of Modern Operations to function.

Modern Operations Monitoring and Resolution (MOMR)

MOMR includes:

  • Optionated deployment of cloud services monitoring using known best-practices
  • 24x7x365 monitoring coverage backed by cloud experts
  • Improved resolution timelines by leveraging Rackspace Technology automation
  • Guidance for a default list of alerts and thresholds, which we can customize to meet customer needs
  • Ongoing support to adjust monitoring as the customer environment grows

Modern Operations Patching

Modern Operations provides standard baseline patching. Customers can create custom patch baselines, patch groups, and maintenance windows to adhere to their own patching strategy. The API makes all of these services available for customization.

Best practices for each Operating System (OS) define the patch baselines, but we customize them to fit customer needs.

In addition, customers can inject their own customization for patching to enable process interruptions like reboots, non-standard package downloads, and so on.

Modern Operations Patching UI provides the following services:

  • Reporting
  • Support
  • API and UI access through the Rackspace Technology Control Panel


Optimizer+ is a lightweight support option that provides world-class operational tooling, support, and expert guidance needed to get the most out of public cloud infrastructure. With Optimizer+, a team of cost optimization experts provides detailed actions and recommendations to maximize workload performance while saving money and supplementing your IT staff.

The Optimizer+ service includes:

  • Unified billing for all of customer Rackspace Technology platforms and other managed public cloud accounts
  • Access to the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal for account and user management
  • Cost Optimization expertise
  • Architecture reviews
  • Planned event support
  • AWS expertise

Cost optimization

Rackspace Technology provides cost optimization guidance and assistance through cloud-native and third-party tooling. Customers can create tickets for cost optimization questions and request general guidance for infrastructure spend. After receiving a customer request, the Rackspace Technology Optimizer+ Team provides best practice guidance that maximizes workload performance and saves money. Depending on customer spend, cost optimization efforts can include the following activities:

  • Access to CloudHealth, which is the leading multi-cloud management platform designed to drive increased business value at every stage of your cloud journey
  • Initial cost optimization review
  • Cost guidance
  • Tagging strategy reviews
  • Saving recommendations
  • VM supervision and licensing reviews
  • Regular cost reviews

Architecture reviews

Rackspace Technology provides, at your request, an architecture review following the best practices in your cloud of choice. We evaluate your security posture, technological architecture, and use of cloud services, among other things. At the end of that engagement, you get a report you can use to ensure your environment is compliant with best practice recommendations.

Planned event support

Twice a year, Rackspace can help you to plan for and manage a large-scale event. Commonly customers use this to help with events like Black Friday or their Shark Tank moment. We evaluate your architecture, services utilization, and resiliency to help you form a strategy to withstand the sudden spike in visitors to your application. AWS Expertise

As part of Optimizer+, we can provide guidance and best practices across a wide range of AWS products and services. We can also (by request) set up a standard array of monitoring alerts for your AWS environment. These alerts cover basic monitoring like instance performance checks, low disk alerts, and domain health. While we don’t respond to these alerts when they fire under Optimizer+, we are more than happy to assist or guide you in getting them configured.

Optimizer+ with Platform Support

Optimizer+ with Platform Support includes all Optimizer+ services plus the following public cloud support services powered by certified Rackspace Technology engineers and backed by top-level direct public cloud support.

Rackspace Technology can:

  • Provide escalation management 24x7x365.
  • Escalate issues at any time until we achieve resolution. This escalation might be hierarchical (to a more senior engineer or the service delivery manager) or functional (involving specialized technical expertise from other functional groups or partner cloud teams).
  • Escalate to a technology or service vendor in the event of an incident.
  • Offer advice about the appropriate workaround to restore service.
  • Provide customers the opportunity to confirm issue resolution before closing the ticket.

Account reviews

Through the customer’s Rackspace Technology Customer Success Manager, Rackspace Technology provides reviews to analyze the performance of the customer’s cloud environment and recommendations from our Cost Optimization Team. By using cloud-provider billing reports and Rackspace Technology tooling, some of these recommendations include committed-use discounts and investigations for performance improvements. The review can include the following items:

  • Support tickets
  • Monitoring alerts
  • Upcoming maintenance events
  • Product roadmap updates
  • Potential cost optimization
  • Rackspace Technology and cloud provider best practice recommendations
  • Recent environment changes
  • Upcoming customer events
  • Product announcements

For a list of legacy offerings, visit our website.