Software installation and configuration

Proper installation and configuration of essential software is critical for database functionality. Rackspace installs and configures the following software for a variety of databases:


Oracle Grid or Clusterware

Oracle Database

Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle Application Express (APEX)

* Oracle client software on computers connecting to the database

MySQL database software

Enabling master/slave and master/master replication

Oracle Grid or Clusterware with MySQL

MySQL cluster

MariaDB Galera cluster

Percona XtraDB cluster
Microsoft SQL Server

Configuring clustering


Log shipping


* High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) configuring and clustering

Configuring and installation

Replica sets

* Sharding
Couchbase and CouchDB

Install software


Replica sets


Additional database platforms can be supported upon request. Rackspace has a wide variety of partners who offer support and has Rackers willing to learn a new technology. If your chosen platform is not already supported, let us know.

Modification and configuration services

Though clients are responsible for database content, Rackspace performs modification and configuration tasks in accordance with explicit client instructions.

Connectivity management

DBAs manage connectivity between the client application and the databases in order to ensure efficient and uninterrupted communication. Utilizing database performance tools, DBAs can identify database tasks that are not tuned for optimal performance. Rackspace assists clients in designing connection pooling strategies to maximize usability of their database infrastructure. This service is provided as an initial design requirement or on an on-going basis. The following performance tools are included:

  • SQL*Net
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection pools
  • Oracle SQL*Net

Event notification

If threshold warning levels exceed a critical parameter, an alert is sent to the monitoring system. Based on the specific alert, a ticket is created that notifies the Support team when the client needs to be contacted. Rackspace collaborates with the client to resolve problems within an agreed-upon timeframe.