Troubleshoot a failed email connection

If your local email client cannot make a connection to your mailbox, try these
troubleshooting recommendations.


  • Applies to: User
  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time needed: 1 hour
  • Tools required: Access to the offending device, online email access,
    a non-primary computer, and a non-primary Internet network

For more information about prerequisite terminology, see
Cloud Office support terminology.


We recommend a methodical troubleshooting approach. Address each
of the following questions before moving on to the next one.

  1. Can you log in to

    Log in to the online version of your mailbox to verify email is incoming. If
    so, the mailbox is functioning properly.

  2. When did the issue start?

    An event that occurred about the same time could have caused the problem. For
    example, if changes to your office or home network occurred or you updated
    your mailbox password, update your software settings or password to fix the

  3. Have you migrated from another provider?

    After migrating a mailbox to Rackspace Cloud Office from an external
    company, your mail client
    must connect to the mailbox on the new server. Instructions to configure
    a mail client to connect a migrated mailbox are available at

  4. Have you upgraded the mailbox at Rackspace Cloud Office?

    A version upgrade generates a copy of the mailbox under the
    new server version. For example, if you upgrade a mailbox from Exchange 2010
    to 2016, the data migrates from an Exchange 2010 mailbox to a new mailbox on
    Exchange 2016. This means that you must configure your
    local mail client
    to connect to the mailbox on the new server. For instructions to configure
    your mail client after an upgrade, see

  5. Is the connectivity issue happening on all domain users?

    Verify with your administrator that your DNS configuration properly
    receives email at Rackspace Cloud Office.
    DNS changes might cause synchronization issues between a new email and your
    local mail client when a domain expires.

  6. Can you connect to your mailbox from another computer?

    If you can connect to your mailbox from another computer, the issue might be
    local to your primary computer.

  7. Can you connect to your mailbox by using a different
    Internet network?

    If you can connect to your mailbox by using a different Internet network, the
    issue exists within the regular network you use. In this case, contact your
    network administrator or your internet service provider for more information.

If you address these steps and your email client still does not connect to your
mailbox, contact your administrator for help.