Set up OneDrive for Business for Windows


  • Applies to: User
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time needed: 15 Minutes
  • Tools required: Microsoft 365® user licensed with OneDrive®, Windows® OS, active network connection

For more information about prerequisite terminology, see Cloud Office support terminology.

For additional information about Microsoft 365 licensing, see our product comparison chart.

The following article describes how to install and configure the OneDrive for Business application for Windows.

Note: If you are unsure whether your license includes OneDrive, contact your administrator.

Install OneDrive For Business

Use the following steps to install OneDrive for Business:

  1. Navigate to the following link to begin the installation process: OneDrive for Business.

  2. Select Download.

  3. Save and Run the OneDriveSetup.exe application when prompted.

Configure OneDrive for Business

Use the following steps to configure OneDrive for business:

  1. Click the Start menu and Open the OneDrive application.

  2. Enter your Microsoft 365 email address and select Sign In.

  3. Enter the password for your Microsoft 365 email address when prompted and select Sign In.

  4. After you sign in, navigate through the tutorial and select Open my OneDrive folder.

Note: If you want to change the default folder path for OneDrive, you can do this when prompted with the following message
during initial setup: “This is your OneDrive folder. Add files here so you can access them from other devices and still
have them on this PC. Your OneDrive folder is here:”

Upload files to OneDrive for Business

Use the following steps to upload files to OneDrive for Business.

  1. Open the File Explorer and select your OneDrive folder.

  2. Click and drag (or copy or cut and paste) the file into the OneDrive folder.

Note: The OneDrive for Business application syncs files in real time.

Share files and folders through OneDrive for Business

Use the following steps to share files via OneDrive for Business.

  1. Open the File Explorer and select your OneDrive folder.

  2. Right-click the file you wish to share and select Share.

  3. When prompted, enter the recipient's email address and click Send. Alternatively, select one of the following
    methods to Share the file:

  • Generate a shareable link via Copy link.

  • Email the shareable link via Outlook.

  • Share through another application via More apps.

OneDrive Sync Status Icons

OneDrive for Business displays various Sync Status icons for each file or folder. Refer to the information below for
a brief description of the basic Sync Status icons:

Blue Cloud:

  • The Blue Cloud icon next to OneDrive files or folders indicates that the file is only available online. Online-only
    files do not take up any additional storage space on your device.

Green Tick (White Circle):

  • The Green Tick indicates that a file is Locally available. When you open an online-only file for the first time, the
    system downloads it as a locally available file that you can access regardless of network connectivity.

  • You can revert locally available files to online-only files by right-clicking the file and selecting Free up space.

Solid Green Circle (White Tick):

  • The Solid Green Circle (White Tick) icon indicates that a file is set to Always keep on this device.

  • Files set to Always keep on this device are available even when you are offline, and they take up additional space on your device.

For additional information about OneDrive for Business Sync Status icons, refer to this Microsoft Support Article.