Integrate Email Archiving with Outlook

This article describes how to create a folder in Microsoft Outlook that connects to your
archived mail.

Warning: This feature can no longer be configured in Outlook 2016.

  1. Copy the URL of your archive login. It should look similar to the following URL:

    Note: You must log out of the Archive Manager first, and then
    copy the URL from your web browser.

  2. Replace /login/new with /outlook/user.

  3. Log in to Microsoft Outlook.

  4. In Outlook, create a new folder by right-clicking Inbox and selecting Create New Folder.

  5. Edit the name of your new folder by right-clicking New Folder and selecting Properties. You can choose any folder name that you want.

  6. Integrate the new Outlook folder with your personal archive, as follows:

    a. Right-click the newly created folder and select Properties.

    b. Click the Home Page tab, and paste in the URL that you copied in step 1 and altered in step 2.

    c. Click OK.

  7. Open your newly integrated Microsoft Outlook folder. You should now be directly connected to your personal archive.