Introducing RackConnect v3.0

Applies to: RackConnect v3.0


The beginning of each RackConnect article includes an Applies to label to indicate whether the contents apply to RackConnect v3.0, RackConnect v2.0, or both.

RackConnect v3.0 is the latest release of our innovative hybrid connectivity offering that enables you to select and
combine the best features of our dedicated and cloud hosting offerings into one all-encompassing solution. With version 3.0, you can design your computing environment to take advantage of the latest benefits in cloud computing—flexibility, scalability, and elasticity—with the benefits of traditional dedicated hosting—enhanced security and
performance characteristics. RackConnect is compatible with our dedicated Managed and Intensive service levels and our cloud Managed Operations and Managed Infrastructure service levels, giving you the ability to select the level of support that you need to properly manage your hybrid environment.

RackConnect provides an isolated path for network traffic to traverse between your cloud and dedicated environments located within the same region. To accomplish this, RackConnect relies on Rackspace Cloud Networks on the cloud side and dedicated network devices on the dedicated side of your environment. For a basic introduction to Cloud Networks, see Getting Started with Cloud Networks. For a complete list of dedicated network devices currently supported by RackConnect, see RackConnect network device comparison.