Work with ZIP files in Linux

This article demonstrates how to create and use zip files in Linux®.

Make sure that you have the necessary software:

  • zip

  • unzip

If you don´t have the zip library installed, you can search for it with the following command:

yum whatprovides zip

Install the zip library:

yum install -y zip


Zip files contain a collection of files in a compressed archive. Use zip files to keep a set of files
together, save space, or reduce transmission time.

You can create a zip file from one or more files by using the following syntax:

zip source_file [source_file2 ....]

Or you can create a zip file from a directory by using the following syntax:

zip source_directory


The unzip command uncompress a zip file.

To unzip a zip file in the current directory, run the following command:


To uncompress a zip file to a new directory, run the following commands:

mkdir /path/to/new/extract_directory
unzip -d /path/to/new/extract_directory


For more information, run the following commands to review the manual pages:

man zip
man unzip