Setting up your Database

Successfully migrate your database to the DBA solution no matter where your data is stored. Your migration and onboarding experience with the DBA solution varies based on which of the following storage options your database uses:

  • Rackspace-hosted hardware
  • Databases that you do not store on Rackspace hardware
  • Cloud-based databases

Data Migration

In some cases, you might need to perform a data migration, especially if you do not already host your database in the environment where the Rackspace Technology DBA team can manage it. The Rackspace Technology DBA solution does not include this kind of database migration. However, you can contact Rackspace Technology customer support for help. Database migrations require a separate statement of work, and we bill them separately from the DBA solution.

If you ask the Rackspace Technology DBA team to manage an existing Rackspace database or to perform remote database monitoring for databases stored elsewhere, you do not need to do a database migration. In this scenario, you can skip the data migration, grant the Rackspace Technology DBA team access to your environment, and install a monitoring solution.