Understanding the Rackspace Intelligence User Interface for dedicated accounts

Rackspace Intelligence monitors the availability of your IT infrastructure and, when limits are exceeded, can respond by notifying someone.

When you log in to Rackspace Intelligence, you can view all your relevant information on the dashboard:

screenshot of rackspace intelligence dashboard landing page

The dashboard provides an overview of all of your monitoring activities.

You can also examine different aspects of the Rackspace Intelligence system monitoring configuration by accessing the following sections from the header:

  • Monitor
  • Notify
  • Visualize

Within each section, you can refine your focus by choosing from the offerings in that section. For example, in the Monitor section, you can choose to work with entities or open alerts.

Customers with dedicated accounts can use Rackspace Intelligence to view information about the following items:

  • Entities monitored by Rackspace Intelligence
  • Open alerts
  • Checks
  • Notifications
  • Notification plans

You can also use the Rackspace Intelligence dashboard to view and generate graphs to visualize infrastructure availability.


Customers with dedicated accounts cannot use Rackspace Intelligence to create or edit entities, alarms, checks, notifications, and notification plans.