Permissions matrix for Cloud Files

The Cloud Files permissions matrix displays specific permissions for the following roles:

  • Admin provides full access to create, read, update, and delete.
  • Observer provides read-only access.

The matrix displays the Cloud Files methods, their corresponding RESTful API commands, and the roles that are supported.

MethodAPI actionRoleDescription
Get account metadataHEAD /v1/{account}Observer, AdminShows account metadata.
Create or update account metadataPOST /v1/{account}AdminCreates or updates account metadata.
Show account details and list containersGET /v1/{account}Observer, AdminLists the storage containers in your account and sorts them by name.
Delete account metadataPOST /v1/{account}AdminDeletes account metadata.
Create containerPUT /v1/{account}/{container}AdminCreates a Cloud Files container.
Delete containerDELETE /v1/{account}/{container}AdminDeletes an empty container.
Show container metadataHEAD /v1/{account}/{container}Observer, AdminShows container metadata.
Create or update container metadataPOST /v1/{account}/{container}AdminCreates or updates the container metadata.
Show container details and list objectsGET /v1/{account}/{container}Observer, AdminShows details for a specified container and lists objects in the container.
Get object content and metadataGET /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}Observer, AdminRetrieves the content and metadata for the object.
Create or update objectPUT /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}AdminCreates or updates the content and metadata for a specified object.
Copy objectCOPY /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}AdminCopies an existing object to another object with a new name.
Delete objectDELETE /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}AdminPermanently deletes an object.
Show object metadataHEAD /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}Observer, AdminRetrieves object metadata.
Create or update object metadataPOST /v1/{account}/{container}/{object}AdminCreates or updates object metadata.

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