Manually grant RDP access to an Active Directory user

This article explains how to give Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to an Active Directory (AD)
user on a domain server.

If a AD-domain user cannot log in to a server, you can follow the same steps to verify RDP permissions.
You need administrator rights to make any changes.

  1. Log in to the server.

  2. Right-click the Windows® icon and select System.

  3. Select the remote settings depending on your Windows version:

    • 2012 R2: Click on Remote Settings.
    • 2016: Click Remote Desktop > Select users that can remotely access this PC.
  4. Click on Select Users.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Type the username you wish to add.

  7. Click Check Names.

    Note: If you enter the domain user correctly, the name is underlined.

  8. After you add the user, click Apply and OK.