Add a CPU to a Server or Hypervisor

This article explains how to create a ticket to add a CPU to a server or hypervisor.

Create a ticket in the MyRackspace portal

Step 1. Log in to the MyRackspace portal with
your username and password.

Enter the login credentials with Username and Password

Step 2. In the top navigation bar, choose Support > Support Center.

Select Support Center from top navigation bar

Step 3. Under Common Request, click See All Templates. The See All Templates displays list of all templates.

Displays the list of available templates

Step 4. From the Common Request menu, select Add CPU to Server or Hypervisor.

Select add CPU to server or hypervisor from common request menu

Step 5. In the Issue Details section, select a device from the drop-down menu and
enter the number of CPUs that you want to add.

Select the required device from drop-down menu

Step 6. In the Preferred Maintenance Schedule section, you can choose to have the
work done at any time by selecting the Anytime checkbox. Fill out the required fields such as contact name, phone number and select the appropriate radio button as shown in following image.

Checkbox Anytime is selected so that you don't have to decide day and time

If checkbox for Anytime is deselected, then set the preferred maintenance day and time.
Fill out the required maintenance fields to have the work completed in a scheduled maintenance window.

Deselected Anytime Checkbox to decide day and time for schedule maintenance

Step 7. Click Submit button.