Administration and maintenance

To maintain optimal database performance throughout the lifetime of client solutions, Rackspace performs the following activities:

* Research, track, and apply vendor database software patches* Monitor and correct health issues
* Assist with data migration from development to quality assurance, and from quality assurance to production* Support Oracle Enterprise Manager DB Console
* Perform and monitor database backups* Support Oracle Grid Control
* Apply database changes at the client’s request* Support MongoDB Monitoring Service (MMS)
* Employ reporting services and analysis services by using native Oracle or third-party tools or both.* Support DataStax OpsCenter


Migrating databases can be complex, time-consuming, and costly if not executed properly. Rackspace DBAs analyze, capture, and recreate a clients’ existing requirements as a part of “go-live”. They also facilitate the following items:

  • Initial environment assessment and recommendations.
  • Client in-house database migrations to Rackspace facilities.
  • Non-Rackspace hosted database migrations to Rackspace facilities.
  • Physical to virtual migrations (P2V) for legacy environments.
  • Vendor-to-vendor migrations (such as, Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server) are possible in conjunction with a Professional Services migration engagement.

Security management

Rackspace advanced security and encryption services help protect the integrity of client databases and comply with third-party security standards.


  • Deploy and configure the advanced security option for tablespace and network encryption (TDE).
  • Work with the Rackspace Security team on third-party encryption software (TDE).

Microsoft SQL Server

  • Work with the Rackspace Security team on third-party encryption software (TDE).
  • Deploy and configure Microsoft encryption software (TDE).

All other vendors

  • Work with the Rackspace Security team to deploy Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant solutions.
  • Enable the auditing features built into the database products, as requested.

DB clustering and high availability

* Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)* PostgreSQL on Red Hat clusters
* Oracle Cold Failover clusters* Mongo Replica sets
* Microsoft SQL Server on Windows clusters* Couchbase Replication
* Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn* MySQL on Red Hat clusters
* Percona XtraDB clusters


Rackspace provides the following customized vendor-supplied auditing features to assist client compliance objectives:

* Native auditing enablement in the database features, per client requirements* Microsoft SQL Server - C2 auditing
* Oracle fine-grain auditing* Microsoft SQL Server - Change tracking
* Oracle total recall flashback data archive* Microsoft SQL Server - Change Data Capture
* Microsoft SQL Server audit