VPN Tunnel Creation Request

This article lists the information needed to create a new VPN tunnel. To set up
a site-to-site tunnel, our Network Security team needs some information from you.
To help us, use the the followng steps to create a ticket and fill in the

Create a ticket in the MyRackspace portal

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal with your username and

  2. On the top navigation bar, choose Select a Product > Dedicated Hosting.

  3. Select Tickets > Create Ticket. The Create New Ticket page displays.

  4. Select the Subject field.

  5. In the ticket Subject, type VPN Tunnel Creation and press Enter.

  6. Copy the following form, paste it in the ticket, and fill in the details:

01 – IKE Version 1 or IKE Version 2:

02 - Manufacturer and model number of the VPN device that is used on the side opposite Rackspace:

03 - Public IP of the VPN device (peer address):

04 – Your encryption domain: Remote IP addresses or networks that should communicate across this VPN:

05 – Rackspace encryption domain: Rackspace IP addresses or networks that you want communicate across this VPN:

06 – Phase 1 Encryption Algorithm [AES-128/192/256]:

07 – Phase 1 Hash Algorithm [MD5, SHA1, SHA256*/SHA384*/SHA512*]:

08 – Phase 1 Diffie Hellman Group [2, 5, 14*, 19*, 20*, 21*]:

09 – Phase 1 Pseudorandom Function (PRF)* [MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512]:

10 – Phase 1 Lifetime, in seconds**:

11 - IKEv1 Pre-shared key [password of your choice](skip to 12 and 13 for IKEv2):

12 – IKEv2 Local (Rackspace) Pre-shared key:

13 - IKEv2 Remote (your side) Pre-shared key:

### Note that the Local and Remote Pre-shared keys can be identical, if you want ###

14 – Phase 2 Encryption Algorithm [AES-128/192/256]:

15 – Phase 2 Hash Algorithm [MD5, SHA1, SHA256*/SHA384*/SHA512*]:

16 – Is Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) enabled? If so, please specify DH Group [2, 5, 14*, 19*, 20*, 21*]:

17 – Phase 2 Lifetime, in seconds**:

*IKEv2 Only

**While lifetimes typically do not need to match between VPN peers, they should to
avoid VPN stability issues. Commonly used Phase 1 Lifetimes are 86400 seconds or
28800 seconds. Phase 2 Lifetimes are preferably lower than Phase 1 and are commonly
28800 seconds or 3600 seconds.

All new IPSec tunnels no longer use DH group 1, 2, and 5 because of a potential
logjam security risk. We recommend group 14 or better.


The following list expands some common acronyms:

  • AES: Advanced Encryption Standard
  • DH: Diffie Hellman
  • IKE: Internet Key Exchange
  • IPSEC: Internet Protocol Security
  • MD5: Message Digest Algorithm 5
  • PFS: Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • PRF: Pseudorandom Function
  • SHA: Secure Hash Algorithm
  • VPN: Virtual Private Network