High CPU caused by Sophos in Windows

Most of the time when high CPU conditions occur with the Sophos real-time scanner becoming backlogged due to heavy/frequent writes to the disk with the real-time scans. Thus requiring Sophos more CPU cycles to work through the backlog.


Identifying the path where the heavy/frequent writes are taking place and determining if the path would be suitable to exclude from the real-time scanner. Removing unessessary paths from the real time scan could greatly reduce CPU utilization.

Making Exclusions in Sophos via (Enterprise Console)

Exclude items from on-access scanning
On Windows, drives, folders, files and processes can be excluded. The use of wild cards * and ? are accepted.

Making Exclusions From Sophos Enterprise Console:

  1. Open Sophos Enterprise Console.
  2. Right-click the policy to be excluded under Anti-virus and HIPS and select View/Edit Policy.
    a. Click the Configure button for Enable on-access scanning.
    b. To add exclusions, click Windows Exclusions tab, then click the Add button.

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