AWS and Rackspace generate detailed control plane logs for all activities taking place in your Fanatical Support for AWS accounts, aggregating data from the following sources:

  • AWS CloudTrail: Detailed logs of most AWS API requests made on your account to supported AWS services. These logs ignore most object-level S3 actions and store only PutObjectAcl, DeleteObject, and DeleteObjects in Logbook. Logbook does not store read-only events.
  • Fanatical Support for AWS shared management system and user interfaces: View Control Portal logins and other actions, such as creating a new AWS account or modifying user permissions.
  • Fanatical Support for AWS environment access: Any time a Racker, or one of your employees, accesses your AWS environment by creating a Passport access request, you can view the specific instances they had access to, the source of their Passport access request, and other associated details throughout the Passport access request.

The Logbook™ section of the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal provides a timeline-based view of all these activities. You can view the activities for a specific AWS account or view activities across all your AWS accounts. You can also filter the results to find the specific activities you want to see. Logbook indexes and retains the last 90 days of historical data for you to explore.

The information in Logbook can be extremely valuable if you need to view the changes Rackers, your employees, or automated processes made to your environment when troubleshooting an issue or reviewing the root cause of a service-impacting event.