Schedule device maintenance

You can schedule a maintenance for eligible devices in the MyRackspace portal.
The Automated Maintenance page tool enables the ability to schedule pre-defined
maintenances at a desired date and time.

Schedule device maintenance

  1. Log in to the MyRackspace Portal.

  2. Click Services > Automated Maintenances to begin the scheduling process.

    The Automated Maintenance page appears. The Automated Maintenance page includes:

    • A list of all devices that require maintenance.
    • Filters on the left to refine the list of devices by status, data center location, and hardware type.
    • A search option to locate a specific device.
  3. To view more information about a device and the reason it requires maintenance, click the device number.
    The device panel expands and shows important information about the device, including:

    • The name of the vulnerability
    • The device type and model
    • The current and suggested versions

    You can also click a link to see the associated notification in the MyRack portal.

  4. To schedule maintenance, click the cog icon to the left of the device number and select Schedule Maintenance.

  5. Select a date and time for the maintenance to begin, click the acknowledge checkbox, and click
    Schedule Maintenance.

    Behind the scenes, we prepare your device for maintenance. We continuously
    update the notification available in the MyRack Portal to let you know where we are
    every step of the way.

  6. To cancel or reschedule the maintenance, click the cog icon to the left of the device number and
    select Cancel or Reschedule.