Enable or Disable Logging in Rackspace CDN

To enable or disable logging for a Rackspace CDN service, follow these steps. By default, logging is disabled when you create a service.

  1. Access Rackspace CDN as described in Access Rackspace CDN.

  2. In the list of CDN services, click the name of the service for which you want to enable or disable logging.

  3. In the Service Details section, click Enable Logging. A popup dialog box appears. Note the information about managing the data that is stored.

  4. To turn logging on, click Enable Logging. The Service Status is Pending until the value for Logging changes to Enabled.

  5. After logging is enabled, click View Logs to see the logs. Another instance of the Cloud Control Panel opens. After logging in, you see the logs in the Cloud Files container, .CDN\_ACCESS\_LOGS.

  6. To disable logging, click Disable Logging beside Logging in the Service Details section of the CDN service page. Then, click Disable Logging again in the dialog box that opens. Note the information that is
    displayed in the dialog box about created logs.

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