Work with Rackspace Intelligence Notification Plans

Rackspace Intelligence provides an interface that you can use to create notification plans that work with your monitoring checks and alarms. You can define several ways to notify your team members with Notifications and then assemble those notifications into Notification Plans.

To create a new notification plan or edit an existing notification plan:

  1. Click Notify at the top of the Rackspace Intelligence interface.

  2. Click Notification Plans.

You can sort the list of notification plans by name, number of notifications, or number of alarms.

Sorting by the number of alarms can help you prioritize follow-up investigations.

Create a Notification Plan

To create a usable notification plan, create the plan and then add at least one notification to it.

Create the Plan

  1. On the Notification Plans page, click Create Notification Plan.

  2. In the dialog box, type a name for the notification plan and click Create Notification Plan.

Add Notifications to the Plan

A notification plan must include one or more notifications. You can add existing plans or create new ones.

  1. On the Notifications page for the plan, click Add Notifications.

  2. To add an existing notification to the plan, click the Select button next to the notification and select at least one level for which you want to activate the notification: Critical, Warning, or OK.

  3. To create a notification and add it to the plan, perform the following steps:

    1. Click Create a new notification.
    2. Enter a name for the notification and choose a notification type.
    3. Depending on the type you chose, provide notification details, such as an email address or a phone number.
    4. Click Create and Select Notification.
    5. Select at least one level for which you want the notification activated: Critical, Warning, or OK.
  4. Click Save Notification Plan.

Your notification plan is saved and displayed on the Notification Plans overview page.

Edit a Notification Plan

To edit a notification plan, click the Actions menu on the notification plan Details page.

You can perform the following modifications on notification plans:

Rename a Notification Plan

  1. From the Actions menu on the notification plan details page, select Rename Plan.

  2. In the Rename Notification Plan box, type the new name and click Rename.

Change Notifications in a Notification Plan

  1. From the Actions > Add Notifications.

  2. Select one or more notifications to add or click Create a new notification to create a new notification plan. This article describes both options are described under the previous Add notifications to the plan section. If you want to remove a notification, click Deselect beside it.

  3. Click Save Notification Plan.

Delete a Notification Plan

  1. From the Actions menu on the notification plan Details page, select Delete Plan.

  2. Click Delete to permanently delete the plan. Rackspace Intelligence permanently deletes the notification plan from the database.