Add a Cloud Network interface to a Cloud Server

This article shows you how to use the Cloud Servers Application Program Interface (API) and the rackspace-novaclient (nova) to add a cloud network to a cloud server.

Use the following steps to install nova and the Cloud Networks extension on Mac® OS X® and use nova to add a virtual interface to a running cloud server that connects to your cloud network.


nova is also available for Linux® and Windows®.

  1. Run the following command on the command line:

    $ sudo easy_install pip

  2. Install nova and the Cloud Networks virtual interface extension by running the following commands on the command line:

    $ sudo pip install rackspace-novaclient
    $ sudo pip install os_virtual_interfacesv2_python_novaclient_ext

  3. Go to your local .profile file and set up the following environment variables in your local file by replacing the values inside the angle brackets (< >) with your account information:

    $ export OS_AUTH_URL=
    $ export OS_AUTH_SYSTEM=rackspace
    $ export OS_REGION_NAME=DFW
    $ export OS_USERNAME=<account_username>
    $ export OS_TENANT_NAME=<account_#>
    $ export NOVA_RAX_AUTH=1
    $ export OS_PASSWORD=<api_key>
    $ export OS_PROJECT_ID=<account_#>
    $ export OS_NO_CACHE=1
  4. Load the environment variables by running the following command:

    $ source .profile
  5. Use your credentials to display your cloud server information. Note the ID of the cloud server to which you want to add the network.

    $ nova credentials
    $ nova list
  6. Display the network information. Note the ID of your cloud network.
    $ nova network-list

  7. Add the interface by running the following command on the command line (syntax: nova virtual-interface-create <networkID> <cloudserverID>):

    $ nova virtual-interface-create 30714e92-40d3-4259-bd73-2ed8b03abcf5 e74780b5-d180-4faa-bfc0-87802b20aaf4

The interface takes a few minutes to load. You can now log in to the cloud server and check interfaces by running the ip a command. You should see the added interface in the output from this command.


You can also run nova virtual-interface-list cloudserverID.

If you need to add Cloud Networks to your account, submit a ticket in the Control Panel.

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