Release Notes for the New Archiving Experience

Rackspace Archiving Release Notes

Rackspace Archiving is now better than ever. This upgrade provides many
improvements, both in the user experience and in system performance. The new
user experience includes a fully redesigned portal for managing the archive.

Because many new core improvements fuel the upgrade, there are a few changes to your searches. Click here to read more about these changes.

Here are a few notable examples.

Direct URL

The new platform now has a direct URL for archive users to access the portal.
The following is an example of the URL:

New Archive Dashboard

The updated Archive Dashboard provides quick and valuable insight into the
health and activity of your archive.

Adding archive users

The new portal takes a more direct approach to creating a new user to manage
your archive. With this approach, the user’s role is now selected based on
company needs instead of clicking a separate section to accomplish the same
end goal.

Save as new search

This update allows you to take an existing search and duplicate it as a new
search. This saves time and effort by not having to start from scratch for
each new search.

Improved search result review

The look and feel of the search results review, including viewing specific
messages, is greatly improved. By having a more “mail client feel,” navigating
through the search results is more intuitive.

Improved exports

Better filtering to limit size, export formats, and notifications provides a
better experience, especially on larger exports.

Migration notes

The migration that accompanies this upgrade is automatic. You see one distinct
difference. Any saved searches are migrated to the new archive portal as read-
only, meaning you cannot edit or update the details of the search.

Because administrators and users are re-created as part of the upgrade/
migration, the ownership of the migrated searches is not preserved. For these
migrated searches, the new owner displays as “migrated search (unknown user)."