Other SAML providers

Rackspace Identity Federation is designed to be compatible with any SAML 2.0-based identity provider. The following information provides basic settings that you need to configure a third-party SAML provider.

SAML configuration items

SAML providers require one or more of the following links to configure the connection to Rackspace and to redirect during login sessions.

The metadata file contains the latest certificate to sign SAML assertions.

You can retrieve the default values programmatically from the Rackspace metadata file at https://login.rackspace.com/federate/sp.xml. The following list includes the values in the file:

EntityID (“Audience”)https://login.rackspace.com
Assertion Consumer Service (“Single Sign On URL”)https://login.rackspace.com/federate/acs
Single Logout Servicehttps://login.rackspace.com/federate/sls

SAML attribute mapping

Set up an Attribute Mapping Policy to ensure that the SAML attributes that your identity provider sends during the SAML login process are mapped to the required or desired values for Rackspace.

You can find an overview of attribute mapping and example mapping policies at Configure the Attribute Mapping Policy.