Create a backup

The following steps show how to use the Cloud Backup service to create a
backup of the data on your cloud server.

Warning: Cloud Backup does not follow symlinks. If you want to back up files or folders, do not use a symlink.

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Note: You can use the Cloud Backup tool to back up your data files
but cannot use it to back up a full operating system. To restore your data, you
need to restore only your files; you do not need to restore all of the
operating system files. To back up the operating system, create an image
of your server. For more information about restoring a server from an
image, see Create an image of a server and restore a server from a saved image.

Create a server backup

  1. Log in to the Cloud Control Panel.

  2. In the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Rackspace Cloud.

  3. Select Backups > Systems.

  4. On the Cloud Backup Systems page, click the name of the server for
    which you want to create a backup.

    Note: If you do not see your server listed on this page, you
    must install the backup agent on the server. If you have an account
    with the Managed Operations service level, check with your account
    manager to install the agent. If your account has a different
    service level, follow the instructions in How to Install the

  5. On the Configure Backup page, perform the following steps:

    • Enter a name for the backup.

    • In the Schedule section, specify a schedule for the backup
      and select how many prior backup versions to retain.

    • In the Notifications section, specify the email address for
      notifications and select whether you want to receive
      notifications for successful backups.

    • Click Next Step.

  6. On the Select Items to Backup page, select the files and folder to
    back up, and then click Next Step.

  7. Confirm that the backup agent is set up correctly, and then click

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