NGFW Feature Matrix

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) feature matrix

NGFW support and feature matrix
Standard firewall features
NetSec support for Palo Alto Networks® NetSec support for Cisco® (FTD)
Interfaces Supported Supported Interfaces
IPv4 routing Supported Supported IPv4 routing
IPv6 routing Supported Supported IPv6 routing
NAT Supported Supported NAT
Packet filtering Supported Supported Packet filtering
Global Protect Basic (Client VPN) Supported Supported Anyconnect Plus
Management Supported Supported Management
High availability (HA—active/standby) Supported Supported High availability (HA—active/standby)
Routed mode Supported Supported Routed mode
Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication
Duo Version 1 Supported with customer provided by proxy server Supported with customer provided by proxy server Duo Version 1
Duo Version 2 Roadmap item Roadmap item Duo Version 2
Site-to-site VPN Site-to-site VPN
Policy-based VPN Supported Supported Policy-based VPN
Route-based VPN Supported Unsupported Feature Route-based VPN
RackConnect Version 3 Only Unsupported Feature RackConnect