Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware

Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware(RPC-VMware) provides a single-tenant
hosted private cloud, designed with server, storage, and networking
hardware from trusted vendors such as Dell®, EMC®, and
Cisco®, that's proactively managed 24x7x365 by our VMware
Certified Professionals. For more information, see the following resources:

Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware versus Server Virtualization

FeatureVMware Server VirtualizationRackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware
Managed support for VMware stack and underlying hardwareYesYes
Managed guest OS-layer support
(for example, OS patching)
Hosted catalogsNo- Customer-provided OS
- Rackspace-provided OS with host-based licensing (optional)
Self-service portalNoYes
Access via APINone- vSphere® API
- vCloud® API (optional)
- NSX™ API (optional)
- vSAN API (optional)
- vRealize API (optional)
Access via GUIMyRackspace® Web Portal- vSphere Web Interface
- vCloud Web Portal (optional)
- vRealize Operations Web Portal (optional)
- vRealize Web Portal (optional)
Single-tenant vSphere hypervisorsYesYes
Storage options- Local disk
- Dedicated EMC SAN
- NetApp NAS
- Dedicated EMC SAN
- NetApp NAS
- VMware vSAN
Networking options- Brocade®
- F5®
- Cisco
- Brocade
- F5
- Cisco
- NSX Software-Defined Networking
Service level options- Managed SLA
- Intensive SLA
- Intensive SLA
Compatible with VMware vRANoYes
Capacity planningRackspace assistance providedVMware vROps Included
Automation toolsNo- vApp Deployment Automation (optional vCloud Director)
- vRealize Automation (optional)
- Chef® / Ansible® / Puppet plug-in Ecosystem