Reasonable Endeavors OS Billable Services for Windows

As part of our OS Billable Services offering for Reasonable Endeavors, Rackspace
enables our engineers to extend additional help to customers beyond our
Spheres of Support
for an additional fee. Historically, engineers had to reject many of these requests
due to time constraints and lack of resources, but with Reasonable Endeavors
OS Billable Services for Windows, they can allocate more time to these unsupported requests.

Criteria and guidelines

The following criteria and guidelines apply to Reasonable Endeavors OS Billable Services
for Windows:

  • We bill Reasonable Endeavors based on actual time spent at the rate of $250.00 USD per
    hour with a minimum of one hour.
  • All parties agree to the terms and conditions highlighted during the intake process
    before beginning the work.

Note: These requirements enable us to provide customers with the best and most
consistent experience possible.

Restrictions and limitations

Reasonable Endeavors have the following restrictions and limitations:

  • We require a review period of three business days to bring any related issues to our
  • Rackspace won’t provide ongoing support for completed requests after the three-business-day
    review period.
  • Rackspace won’t proactively monitor or troubleshoot any issues that might arise after
    the requested task is completed or with the task itself.
  • Rackspace reaches out before proceeding if a request takes longer to complete than
    initially estimated.
  • Rackspace reserves the right not to proceed with any specific customer requests that
    might negatively impact customer environments.
  • Completion time is subject to change because of updated circumstances or environment.
    One Racker's task completion time isn't indicative of another Racker's completion
    time, even if the tasks are similar.
  • Not all Reasonable Endeavor requests are the same, and every task is subject to an
    in-depth review. Just because a Racker agreed to take on a Reasonable Endeavor request
    for a customer in the past doesn't mean another Racker can or will do the same for a
    new request. Performance of requested work depends on the availability of a Racker with
    expertise or knowledge of the unsupported request.