Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) permissions matrix for Cloud Hosting

The RBAC permissions matrix displays the type of product roles that are available within each cloud product.

  • Admin provides full access to create, read, update, and delete.
  • Creator provides limited access to create, read, and update.
  • Observer provides read-only access.

Note: Admin and Observer are global roles, which apply across all RBAC-enabled cloud products.

RackConnect is not RBAC-enabled.

Product Roles

Cloud ServersYesYesYes
Cloud FilesYesNoYes
Rackspace CDNYesYesYes
Cloud DatabasesYesYesYes
Cloud Load BalancersYesYesYes
Cloud QueuesYesYesYes
Cloud NetworksYesYesYes
Cloud MonitoringYesYesYes
Cloud Block StorageYesYesYes
Rackspace Auto ScaleYesNoYes
Cloud ImagesYesYesYes
Cloud Big Data v1YesYesYes
Cloud Big Data v2YesYesYes
Cloud BackupYesYesYes
Cloud OrchestrationYesYesYes
Cloud DNSYesYesYes
Cloud FeedsNoNoYes
Cloud MetricsYesYesYes

Account Access

Account serviceAdminObserver
Billing servicesYesYes
Payment servicesYesYes
Support ticketsYesYes