About the RAS Digital Experience Teams

RAS Digital Experience includes add-on services to the other teams at Rackspace with engineers who align with other specialty teams, such as the system administrators, network security engineers, and database administrators. While engineers on the RAS Digital Experience team know about Linux® and Windows® system administration, networking, and databases, they don’t focus exclusively on that work on a daily basis.

In addition to supporting the framework on which the application runs, this division of labor enables RAS Digital Experience engineers to go deeper into your application and support application deployment, troubleshooting, and optimization.

To serve you better, the RAS Digital Experience team is divided into three sub-teams.

Application Support Engineers

An Application Support Engineer (ASE) is a specialist in large-scale, complex, and distributed web infrastructure that engages in direct customer communications regarding the availability, scalability, reliability, and performance of their applications. As the front line of the RAS team, ASEs possess a basic competency in all named applications that the team supports.

ASEs include:

  • Windows engineers
  • Linux engineers

The ASE team is staffed 24x7x365 and can escalate out to other specific teams on an as-needed basis.

Named Application Team

The Named Application team is composed of engineers and architects hired to support specific applications. Name Application engineers and architects possess a deep knowledge of the application. In many cases, they have worked for the application vendor and contributed code to the application.

There is one team for each of the following supported named application:

  • Linux® applications: Oracle® Web Commerce (ATG), Oracle CX Commerce, SAP® Hybris, and Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Windows® applications: Sitecore®, Sitecore Commerce

The Named Application teams are staffed Monday-Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Central Time.

DevOps and Automation Sub-Team

The DevOps and Automation sub-team is composed of engineers who automate as many facets of the application deployment and optimization work as possible. The DevOps team strives to increase the speed and accuracy of the service the RAS team provides and to develop tools that integrate into your environment.

Deeper integration enables you to self-service by triggering automation tools and plugging into frameworks, such as a CI/CD pipeline.

The DevOps team is not customer-facing and therefore does not provide support hours.