RPC-VMware components#

RPC-VMware is composed of a single dedicated VMware vSphere cluster managed by dedicated VMware vCenter Server® or Servers. RPC-VMware includes several core components and optional add-on components.

The core components and some of the optional add-on components require management tools, such as vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller™ (PSC) and VMware NSX Manager™. These must run in the same cluster as the customer’s workloads. The services must always have access to sufficient compute resources or the RPC-VMware functionality and availability are at risk.

To address this requirement, the core and optional add-on management tools run in a designated cluster resource pool, which guarantees access to sufficient resources. The management tools can consume more compute resources in the future as VMware releases newer versions of its software.

Rackspace manages and maintains the RPC-VMware product’s VMware services and infrastructure resources. Any changes to settings or configurations of the VMware-hosted services, networking, storage, and compute systems must be requested by opening a ticket with Rackspace Support.

You can view and manage your virtual systems that you provision from the RPC-VMware services user interfaces (UIs) and APIs.

The following table describes the management services for the core components of RPC-VMware. Your private cloud includes these services.

Management services for core components#



Management resource pool

A cluster resource pool where the required and optional management services reside. The resource pool is used to restrict access and to manage resources for the management services. The resource pool and the VMs running it are required and are managed by Rackspace. Management services, such as VMware vCenter Server and the PSC, are requirements for providing and managing RPC-VMware.

These services must always have access to sufficient compute resources or the RPC-VMware functionality and availability is at risk. To address this requirement, the resource pool is configured to reserve a sufficient amount of CPU and memory resources. The amount of reserved resources could be increased in the future as VMware releases newer versions of their software.

Management network

A single VLAN setment behind your firewall exclusively used for the management of RPC-VMware. Rackspace requires network access to management services and infrastructure for monitoring, troubleshooting, and resolution of issues. The customer and Rackspace co-manage the firewall rules.


Do not modify the firewall rule set in a manner that

prevents Rackspace from accessing the management network and infrastructure as you can negatively impact the Service Level Agreement (SLA). If you do interrupt Rackspace network access by a change to firewall rules, Rackspace reverts or alters the customer created firewall rules and contacts you about the change. This is required due to VMware license reporting requirements for your environment.

vCenter Server virtual appliance

Provides centralized visibility, proactive management, and extensibility for VMware vSphere from a single console. vCenter Server is accessible from the vSphere client and the vSphere API.

PSC virtual appliances

Provides identity management for users and applications that interact with VMware vSphere and licensing services to RPC-VMware. The PSC is paired directly with the vCenter Server and does not require a separate management interface.

NSX® Manager virtual appliance

Provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and the REST APIs for creating, configuring, and monitoring virtual network components.

Virtual Machine Recovery (VMR) virtual appliance

Enables image-based backups of the management services which allows Rackspace to quickly recover management services. The VMR appliance is used only by Rackspace and does not back up any of the VMs created by the customer on the compute cluster. No customer access is provided to the VMR appliance.

Jump server

Used by Rackspace to gain access to your cluster to maintain the management services. No customer access is provided.

vRealize® Operations Manager™ virtual appliance

Provides all vRealize Operations Manager functionality, enabling activities such as checking the health of the hosted VMware environment, performing capacity planning, and proactively eliminating performance bottlenecks. The appliance is accessible via a web interface.

vRealize Log Insight virtual appliance cluster

Used by Rackspace to monitor the management services of RPC-VMware. No customer access is provided, however, log message forwarding can be configured on request. Contact your support team for more details.

SDDC Manager virtual appliance

Provides orchestration services for the administration of RPC-VMware. This appliance is used only by Rackspace. No customer access is provided.

DNS servers

Provide local DNS resolution for the management components of RPC-VMware. No customer access is provided.