VMware vRealize Operations for RPC-VMware#

VMware® vRealize® Operations™ helps you manage performance utilization and capacity visualization of the Rackspace-hosted virtualized infrastructure. vRealize Operations Endpoint Operations Management provides additional visibility into the guest-OS layer and helps you monitor in-guest services and the following applications: Microsoft® SQL Server™, Microsoft Active Directory®, Apache® Tomcat™, and PostgreSQL®.

vRealize Operations collects and analyzes information from multiple data sources and uses advanced analytics algorithms to learn and recognize the “normal” behavior of every object that it monitors. Through dashboard views and reports, you can view details so you can make informed decisions in the following areas:

  • Issue resolution and root cause analysis

  • Environment health and advanced warning of potential issues

  • Capacity management and forecasting

vRealize Operations uses management packs to collect, analyze, and present data from many VMware and third-party data sources, which provides a holistic view of the RPC-VMware infrastructure and workloads.

This handbook is your primary resource for information related to the vRealize Operations component of Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware (RPC-VMware), such as getting started, using, and getting help. It also includes references to additional resources external to the handbook.

The vRealize Operations component is not available as a stand-alone product.