NSX Use Cases#

The following references are some sample customer use cases for NSX for Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by VMware (RPC-VMware):

Multi-tier Network Use Case#

NSX provides you the ability to create multiple networks in your private cloud for various purposes, such as providing logical network segments for a 3 tier application. In this use case, 3 logical switches, a distributed router and distributed firewall provide logical web-tier, app-tier and db-tier network segments, including the appropriate routing and security between the tiers.

The distributed logical router (DLR) provides network routing between the web-tier and the app-tier. It also provides routing between the app-tier and db-tier. No routing is provided between the web-tier and db-tier.

The distributed firewall (DFW) only allows restricted necessary network communication between the web-tier and the application tier. The DFW rules can be granularly limited based on parameters such as the source and target VMs and types of traffic (such as by TCP port number).

Additionally, the DLR an be configured to allow routing to an external network via an NSX Edge Gateway. In this case, the DFW and the NSX Edge firewalls can be used to permit, granularly controlled communication between the external network and the web-tier, while completely disallowing any external communication with the other tiers.

NSX Use Case 01

Additionally, a “one-armed” edge device can be used to provide additional network services in the web-tier, such as load balancing and DHCP.

REF: https://blogs.vmware.com/networkvirtualization/2014/07/getting-started-vmware- nsx-part-ii-building-virtual-networks.html/

Dynamic Routing Use Case#

The physical firewall used to protect your RPC-VMware private cloud is not configured with dynamic routing. So, in order to allow your on-premise network or other external networks to communicate to your NSX network segments, you will need to request that Rackspace configure statics routes on the physical firewall. Consider requesting a summary route for all networks you may build in the NSX environment.

NSX Use Case 02

Alternatively, you can choose to terminate your VPN to the NSX Edge, instead of the physical firewall. To facilitate this, the DLR and the NSX Edge can be configured to use dynamic routing, ensuring the NSX Edge is aware of the available, routed networks provided by the DLR.

NSX Use Case 03