Submitting tickets

One of the primary ways the Customer can interact with Rackspace is by creating a ticket in the Rackspace Customer Portal. After login, click Tickets from the menu to create a new ticket or view an existing ticket. The Rackspace automated systems also create tickets for events on the Customer’s account that require either the Customer’s attention or the attention of a Rackspace employee. The Customer can also call the 24x7x365 support team at any time.

  • Standard: If the Customer’s site is functioning within acceptable parameters, but the Customer requires assistance in loading software or have a help desk-type question, Rackspace responds to the Customer’s initial request within four hours.

  • Urgent: If the Customer’s server or site is accessible but in a reduced state (timeouts or slow response), Rackspace responds to the Customer’s initial support request within one hour.

  • Emergency: If the Customer can’t access their server or site from the public internet, Rackspace responds within 15 minutes.