Request Smart Hands

Smart Hands requests types come in two categories, and you can find the estimated time to complete each task listed next to the option. Rackspace charges customers for the actual time Data Center Operations requires to complete the request, which is rounded up to the nearest 15-minutes. The Smart Hands Rate is US $46.25 per 15 minutes in addition to any bill of materials.

Smart Hands requests include the following list of tasks and estimated time to complete:

Onsite technical assistance and troubleshooting

  • Power cycling a router, server, or switch (30 Minutes)

  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting (30 Minutes for visual verification plus any additional time for troubleshooting)

  • Swapping tapes, such as customer-provided media and containers (30 Minutes)

  • Testing cabling media for continuity and proper signaling (60 Minutes per three cables)

  • Customer-provided hardware replacement, such as hot-swappable hardware (30 Minutes for hot-swap, 60 minutes for replacement device)

  • Moving or securing cables (60 Minutes per three cables)

  • Customer-provided cable replacement (60 Minutes per three cables)

Hardware installation and decommissioning services

  • Racking and un-racking equipment in customer cabinets (60 Minutes per device)

    • Connecting and securing customer-provided power cords and removal of power cords (30 Minutes per three cables)

    • In-cabinet network cabling with customer-provided cabling (60 Minutes per three cables)

    • Powering up devices and visual confirmation of hardware status (30 Minutes per three devices)

    • Installing and removing cabinet-to-cabinet cabling with customer-provided cabling (60 Minutes per cable)

    • Hard drive and media destruction (30 Minutes per three devices)

For all general requests that aren’t Smart Hands and are not one of the preceding categories, the Customer can select None under Type of Request within the Colocation Smart Hands and General Support Request in the Customer Portal.