Disaster recovery#

The Disaster Recovery (DR) add-on for Rackspace Private Cloud powered by VMware (RPC-V) consists of two RPC-V environments in two different Rackspace data centers with the added components of VMware’s vSphere Replication and VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM). vSphere Replication consists of up to 10 virtual appliances, the vSphere Replication Management Server (VRMS), and up to 9 vSphere Replication Servers, to share the replication traffic, scaled out as-needed. SRM consists of a single Windows VM with Site Recovery Manager installed. The VRMS and VRS(s) virtual appliances, as well as the SRM server, are deployed into the management resource pool of the RPC-V environment.

RPC-VMware disaster recovery architecture#

The following diagram is a standard RPC-V DR configuration:

RPC-V Disaster Recovery Environment