Rackspace Cloud Servers Features that are not Available on the Fortigate-VM

Because it's a secure turnkey appliance, the Fortigate®-VM does not support
some features that are available on typical Microsoft® Windows® or Linux® Rackspace Cloud Servers. This article lists the missing features and the recommended workarounds.

Image creation

Images are disabled on the Fortigate-VM because they cannot be used for backups.
For details on how to backup your Fortigate-VM in the Rackspace Cloud, see
Back up the Fortinet Fortigate VM.

Administrator password resets

Because the Fortigate-VM cannot run nova-agent, you cannot make administrator (admin) password resets by using the Cloud Control Panel or the Cloud Servers application programmer interface (API).

Rescue mode

Instead of rescuing a server, you can troubleshoot it by using the Emergency
Console or rebuild the server and restore its configuration from a backup.

Note: Rebuilding a server destroys all the data on that server.

Automatic IP address configuration on existing servers

IP addresses are set automatically at server build time, but adding a new Cloud
Network to an existing server requires you to log in to the Fortigate-VM and set
the interface IP address manually. See Attach a Cloud Network to an existing Fortigate-VM
for more details.