The Fanatical Support for AWS offering includes access to our Passport™ service. This is the same capability that Rackers use to access your environment. Passport leverages AWS Systems Manager to provision short lived users onto your EC2 instances and provide network access into your VPC.

Passport v2 offers several improvements over our original Passport tool, including:

  • User accounts are created on demand and cleaned up after use.

  • Public subnets and bastion hosts are no longer required in customer VPCs.

  • EC2 instances with multiple Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) are now supported.

Passport’s primary concept is an Access Request. Each access request defines who is accessing your account, which specific EC2 instances they are accessing, the duration of the access request, and the reason for the access. Access requests default to expiring after 1 hour but can be extended up to 12 hours.

As an example, a Racker receiving a CloudWatch monitoring alarm for CPU utilization on your application server might create an access request referencing the alert ticket and granting them access to your active and passive database instances. Once troubleshooting and remediation is complete, the Racker completes the access request, immediately removing the short-lived user from your instances.

All access request actions, from access request creation through expiration, are logged in Logbook.