RPC-VMware Spheres of Support#


If you need specific information on support in RPC-VMware, see the RPC-VMware FAQ.

RPC-VMware is provided as a Rackspace-managed service. Rackspace backs up, monitors, patches, and upgrades the management services on the customer’s behalf.

Although RPC-VMware is a managed service, the customer has the extensive ability to use the SDDC. Therefore, there are two parties involved in fully supporting the customer’s RPC-VMware environment:

  • Customer (including any in-house IT resources)

  • Rackspace support experts

The following table lists the areas that are managed by Rackspace and the areas that are managed by the customer:



Managed by Rackspace


Manage service VMs and appliances


  • Manage delivery of equipment

  • Procure, inventory spare parts, and break-fix equipment

  • Rackspace Dedicated Server (hypervisor)

  • Rackspace Fully Managed Dedicated NAS

  • Rackspace Fully Managed Dedicated SAN

  • Rackspace Fully Managed Shared SAN


  • Architecture design, review, and consultation

  • Configure physical routing and switching equipment

  • Allocate public and private IP blocks for guest OS VMs

  • Manage physical firewalls

  • Manage physical load balancers

  • Manage physical intrusion-detection systems

  • Monitor bandwidth consumption

  • Troubleshoot network connectivity

  • Manage physical firewall rule set (co-managed with customer)


  • Configure and respond to infrastructure monitoring (ping and port)

  • Configure and respond to RPC-VMware services monitoring


Maintain RPC-VMware security



Managed by customer


  • VM troubleshooting

  • Remote administration of VMs


  • IP management of IP blocks assigned for all guest OS VMs

  • Manage physical firewall rule set

  • Manage VM DNS

  • Configure and manage overlay networks (NSX VXLAN)

  • Deploy and manage virtual edge devices (NSX edge gateway)

  • Configure NSX distributed firewall


  • Provide, configure, and respond to monitoring of the OS and applications on compute VMs

  • Monitor for capacity utilization and request additional capacity in advance

Operating systems

  • Provision guest OS

  • Ensure OS licensing compliance

  • Patch OS


Maintain security specifications for VMs

With specific regard to backups, Rackspace:

  • Backs up RPC-VMware management components daily by an image-based backup solution or by using VMware-provided backup mechanisms for individual components.

  • Determines when it is necessary to restore management service components from backups. Backups for VMs that the customer creates are not provided unless the optional MBU for RPC-VMware Service is purchased.

With specific regard to monitoring, Rackspace uses the following combination of tools to monitor events:

  • Web service monitors are created to ensure that any web services associated with RPC-VMware are available. If they become unavailable, the monitoring service prompts Rackspace virtualization engineers to investigate and resolve the issue.

  • Ping monitors ensure hypervisor availability and alerts Rackspace virtualization engineers when devices don’t respond to ping requests.

  • Monitoring services configured to inspect vCenter.

Spheres of support for external data centers#

Rackspace teams perform the hardware troubleshooting at the customer or 3rd party data center and have partnered with hardware vendors for hardware replacement.





Software troubleshooting

Rackspace support team

Server hardware replacement

4-6 hour mission critical support from vendor

Network hardware replacement

4 hour call to repair from vendor

On-site troubleshooting at datacenter

Customer’s datacenter team (if in place), or co-location datacenter support team

Rackspace support team