HCX Components#

HCX is initially deployed as a virtual appliance, along with a vCenter plug-in that enables the HCX feature. After the HCX Manager virtual appliance is deployed, it is responsible for deploying the other appliances required for HCX. Mirror appliances are deployed at both the source and target locations. These deployments provide the capabilities outlined below.

HCX Manager#

HCX Manager provides a framework for deploying the service appliances. The integration with vCenter allows HCX Operators to be authenticated, and allows tasks to be authorized by using the existing SSO identity sources. Hybridity actions can be initiated from the HCX manager via the HCX User Interface in vCenter and via virtual machine and distributed port group context menus.

HCX Interconnect#

The HCX Interconnect service appliance provides replication and vMotion based migration capabilities over the Internet and private lines to the target site. The interconnect provides encryption, traffic engineering, and virtual machine mobility.

HCX WAN Optimization#

The HCX WAN Optimization service improves performance characteristics of the VPN or Internet paths by applying WAN optimization techniques like data de-duplication and line conditioning. It accelerates onboarding to the cloud using Internet/VPN, without waiting for Direct Connect/MPLS circuits.

HCX Network Extension#

The HCX Network Extension service provides a Layer 2 extension capability. The extension service permits keeping the same IP and MAC addresses during a Virtual Machine migration. Network Extension with Proximity Routing enabled ensures that forwarding between virtual machines connected to extended and routed networks, both on-premises and in the cloud, is symmetrical.