AWS Systems Manager EC2 Session Manager

AWS accounts managed by Rackspace require the use of the AWS Systems Manager Agent for operating system support.

AWS Systems Manager Session Manager may be used to provide shell access to Operating Systems via the AWS console or CLI. You can learn more about Session Manager at: ‘<>’_.

It should be noted that use of AWS Session Manager will result in commands being executed under a shared user account (ssm-user) within the Operating System. This user will persist even if the SSM agent is removed. Customers with specific compliance or internal security policies should consult with their compliance personnel on whether Session Manager is appropriate for their use. For compliance information from AWS, see: ‘<>’_.

Rackspace recommends customers secure their Rackspace and AWS accounts with 2-factor authentication. Customers may restrict their personnel’s usage of AWS Session Manager via AWS IAM.

Rackspace personnel may use Session Manager as needed to perform administrative tasks. :ref:’account_defaults’ ensure any Rackspace usage of AWS Systems Manager and its associated features is logged in AWS CloudTrail.