AWS Console

Once you have logged in to the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel you will see a listing of all AWS accounts you have access to.

If you wish to access the AWS Console you can click the “Log in to AWS Console” button and you will be automatically signed in as a federated user. This allows you to maintain one set of credentials to access both the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel and the AWS Console. As described in the User Management and Permissions section the access a user will receive when they federate to the AWS Console will be determined by the AWS IAM Role selected when configuring the user’s permissions.

The Account Owner can set the AWS console session duration, which controls the maximum session time for a user who logs into the AWS console from the Fanatical Support for AWS Control Panel. To change the timeout, visit, and then navigate to Account Settings > Product Preferences > AWS Account Preferences > AWS Account - AWS Console Session Duration. This maximum limit is applied to all users on the account.