Disaster recovery is an integral part of any robust production system. In a Kubernetes environment, you have master, worker, and etcd nodes, and each of these servers runs multiple stateless and stateful components.

The Rackspace KaaS automation tools automatically enables stateless components that run on Kubernetes master and worker nodes to restore themselves.

Rackspace KaaS uses VMWare™ Velero to back up stateful components, such as etcd, which stores a cluster’s data and persistent volumes that contain persistent data for your applications.

Rackspace KaaS uses Velero to create snapshots of persistent volumes and automatically back up the cluster data, which you can use to recover from a cluster failure.

Implementation details#

In EKS, Velero integrates with EC2 and S3 to snapshot persistent volumes and store configuration backups.

In RPCO and RPCR, Velero integrates with Nova and Ceph to take snapshots of persistent volumes and store configuration backups.

Specific usage instructions#

There are currently no specific usage instructions for the Rackspace KaaS Backup service.