Kubernetes is a software tool that helps you better orchestrate and manage your cloud, simplify cloud operations, and lower the cost of cloud computing expenses. Kubernetes and containerized applications simplify deployment, scaling, and management, making applications portable across different compute environments for development, testing, and production.

Configuring a fully operational production Kubernetes cluster is challenging and requires specific expertise in container management, networking, storage, security, and other aspects of a production cloud. You also need appropriate tooling, automation, processes, expertise, and infrastructure. Organizations often decide to outsource this work to cloud providers who specifically focus on complex cloud systems.

With Rackspace KaaS, our experts deliver ongoing operations management and support for the entire technology stack–from the hardware and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to Kubernetes itself. We manage and support the containers and cluster application services such as monitoring, logging, analytics, and more. Use Rackspace KaaS to manage highly available application environments and handle scheduling, scaling, load balancing, and distribution.

Rackspace KaaS enables you to run Kubernetes workloads on top of EKS, RPCR, or RPCO v14 or later. You can request a Rackspace KaaS installation for an existing or new environment.