List of components and versions#

The following tables list open-source components and versions that are used in the Managed Kubernetes solution.

General components#
Component Version
Container Linux, CoreOS 1855.4.0 *
Docker client 18.06.1-ce
Default backend image 1.5
etcd 3.3.10
Go 1.13.17
Kubernetes 1.14.3
Quay NGINX Ingress Controller 0.28.0
OAuth proxy 3.2.0
Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by OpenStack (RPCO) v14, v17
Rackspace Private Cloud Powered by Red Hat (RPCR) Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13
Terraform 0.11.11
Terraform OpenStack plugin 1.17.0

Note: Rackspace KaaS uses the corresponding versions of components listed in the Container Linux 1855.4.0 release notes. Rackspace KaaS tests and incorporates newer releases of Container Linux as needed.

Certificate management#
Component Version
cert-manager-certs 0.13.0
cert-manager-controller 0.13.0
cainjector 0.13.0
webhook 0.13.0
Ingress components#
Components Version
Quay Ingress Controller 0.28.0
kube-webhook-certgen 1.0.0
defaultbackend-amd64 1.5
Integrated authentication components#
Components Version
KAM 3.0.0
Dex 2.17.0-rackspace.1
kubernetes-dashboard-init-amd64 1.0.0
oauth2_proxy 5.0.0
Logging and monitoring components#
Component Version
Elasticsearch 7.4.1
Elasticsearch curator 5.5.4
Elasticsearch exporter 1.1.0
Fluentd 2.8.0
Grafana 6.2.5
Grafana bats 0.4.0
Kibana 7.2.0
Prometheus 2.10.0
prometheus-node-exporter 0.18.0
Prometheus Operator 0.31.1
Prometheus Operator ghostunnel 1.4.1
Prometheus Operator configmap-reload 0.0.1
Prometheus Operator prometheus-config-reloader 0.31.1
Prometheus Operator hyperkube 1.12.1
alertmanager 0.17.0
kube-webhook-certgen 1.0.0
hyperkube 1.12.1
Registry components#
Component Version
Harbor 1.8.2
Harbor portal 1.8.2
Harbor jobservice 1.8.2
Harbor core 1.8.2
Harbor nginx-photon 1.8.2
Harbor notary-server v0.6.1-v1.8.2
Harbor notary-signer v0.6.1-v1.8.2
Harbor registry-registry 2.7.1-patch-2819-v1.8.2
Harbor registry-controller 1.8.2
Harbor redis 1.8.2
Harbor database 1.8.2
Harbor chartmuseum 0.9.0-v1.8.2
Harbor clair 2.0.8-v1.8.2
Kubernetes Dashboard components#
Components Version
Dashboard 2.0.0-rc5
metrics-scraper 1.0.1
ServiceMesh components#
Components Version
Istio 1.12.0
Backup components#
Components Version
VMware Velero 1.2.0
VMware Velero velero-openstack 3.0.0
kube2iam components#
Components Version
kube2iam 0.10.7
Networking and external DNS components#
Component Version
Calico 3.4.0
Calico calico-cni 3.4.0
Calico calico-kube-controllers 3.4.0
Calico calico-node 3.4.0
external-dns 0.5.17-debian-9-r25
Metrics components#
Components Version
metrics-server-amd64 0.3.4