About Rackspace Technology billing#

As a Rackspace Technology customer, you pay for only the services that you use with one exception. Your cloud servers and load balancers are billed for uptime as long as they remain in the active status, even if they are not being used. These resources are allocated for your exclusive use and cannot be reserved by other customers.

Finally, Rackspace charges for only outbound bandwidth, meaning that routine site maintenance, such as content publishing and uploads, does not affect your bandwidth allocation.

Your 30-day billing cycle begins on the day that you activate your account, and your bill reflects services used in the previous month. If your usage begins in the middle of a billing cycle, your first bill reflects a partial month.

The Billing section displays the following information:

  • Billing Overview: Snapshot of balance, charges, transactions, and month-to-month trends.

  • Invoice Details: Detailed printable view of your monthly invoices.

  • Charges to date: Overview of all charges to date.

  • Payment Methods: View and edit payment methods.

  • Make Payment: Submit a payment.

  • Billing Settings: Update your contact and invoice delivery information.