Change your Cloud Account Owner#

When a Primary User/Account Owner leaves the company or the name of the company or project changes, then you need to change the Primary User/Account Owner. To Update this information for your Rackspace Technology Cloud and Amazon Web Services® (AWS) accounts, Login to Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.

Note: Only the current Account Owner can assign a New Account Owner.

When you Change the Account Owner:

  • You must select the new or promoted user from existing users on the account.

  • The selected user becomes the Primary Contact and has full control over the account.

  • As the former or demoted primary user, you are set up as an Administrative contact type and given basic Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Identity permissions. The primary user might need to set up RBAC permissions for the demoted user.

You can Change the Account Owner by using the following steps:

Step 1 Log in to the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal.

Step 2 In the global navigation menu, click Account >> Account Settings.

account setting

Step 3 In Account Settings page, click Update next to Account Owner.

update owner

Step 4 In Update Account Owner page, select a User from the User list to be assigned as New Account Owner. Fill in the address details of Account Owner and click Submit.

select owner new

Step 5 Click Confirm to change the Primary Account Owner.

confirm new owner