Account Switcher#


This feature is currently in beta and is only available for Fanatical Amazon Web Services (FAWS) customers who use Rackspace Technology Identity Federation to access their accounts.

The Account Switcher feature simplifies the account management process by making it easy to quickly switch which Rackspace account the user is currently working within. Account Switcher helps large enterprise customers with sprawling relationships and Federated Identity management to streamline their workflow.

Account linking#

Account linking can occur after multiple accounts are linked together through an agreement. In this model, you can grant users from a delegate Rackspace account access to resources in a principal Rackspace account. Members of the principal account can log into the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal and use the Account Linking drop-down menu to navigate to connected delegate accounts.

Contact your Customer Support Manager to request access to Account Switcher.

Additional information#

The following sections provide additional information about the Account Switcher feature.