AWS customers use tags to organize their EC2 resources (instances, images, load balancers, security groups, and so forth), RDS resources (DB instances, option groups, and more), VPC resources (gateways, option sets, network ACLS, subnets, and the like), Route 53 health checks, and S3 buckets. Tags are used to label, collect, and organize resources and become increasingly important as customers use AWS in larger and more sophisticated ways.

For example, customers can tag relevant resources and then take advantage cost allocation via tagging.

Rackspace CloudFormation Tagging

The BaseNetwork CloudFormation template makes use of tagging to drive many of the operational functions associated with the Fanatical Support for AWS offering. These include:

  • Service Provider - “Rackspace”

  • Environment - from Parameter Environment

  • Name - Resource name (e.g. IGWBase, SubnetPublicAZ2)