Add your teams to APM tooling

You can ask the RAS Digital Experience team to provide you with read-only access to either AppDynamics or New Relic® so that you can view the dashboard and metrics. Because you have read-only access, you must submit a ticket to the RAS Digital Experience team to request a change to any devices or application you are monitoring.

If you want another member of your organization or a third party to access the APM tool, you must provide the Digital Experience team with the following information for that person or party:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

If you want a third party to be able to create tickets or call Rackspace Support for help, consider the following guidelines:

  • The third party must be added to the Rackspace Customer Portal. If a use is not defined in our system, we cannot provide support. Due to confidentiality, we are prevented from providing any kind of information.

  • If you add a third party to the Rackspace Customer Portal, we assume that they are also entitled to use pre-purchased consulting hours.